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Cina 14-Death Certification - A Final Service to Your Patient
Hanzlick 05-Quick tips on writing cause of death statements
Hanzlick 97-Cause of death statements and certification of natural and unnatural deaths
Hanzlick 05-Writing cause of death statements involving injury or poisoning
Hanzlick 05-Writing cause of death statements-Basic principles
Hanzlick 02-A guide for manner of death classification

Cause of Death Reference Guide by Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Improving the quality of the cause of death is one of the major priorities of the National Vital Statistics System. To achieve an improvement will require us to address the problem on several different fronts. One of those is tackling the ability of our data providers to complete the cause of death field. One of several strategies that we have been focused on has been developing a quick reference guide for physicians and other data providers.

To that end, I am pleased to announce the release of a new Cause of Death Mobile Application! The application is quick reference guide for clinicians when they need to certify a cause of death, providing instructions and examples of how to fill out a death certificate. It is designed to acquaint physicians, medical students, and others with the vital registration system in the United States and to provide instructions for completing death certificates. Emphasis is directed toward the certification of medical information, the primary responsibility of the physician, and a critical piece of information on the death certificate.

The application can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store and the Google Play store: 

Cause of Death Reference Guide by Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

If you have any questions about the mobile application, please contact Dr. Lee Ann Flagg at 301-458-4699 or [email protected] or Dr. Bob Anderson at 301-458-4073or 301-458-4073.

Improving Cause-of-Death Reporting(
Program Description / Objectives / Instructions for Obtaining Continuing Education(

This training will help you better understand why it is important to accurately document the cause of death on the death certificate and how to use your best medical judgment to determine accurate information. The training will discuss how cause of death information is used, how to complete the death certificate, when to refer cases to the coroner or medical examiner, and where to find additional information.

The training will discuss the importance of cause-of-death reporting. What a physician writes in the certificate’s cause-of-death’ section is as important to public health practitioners as what a physician writes in a patient’s medical chart is to patient care. Cause-of-death information is used to detect trends, such as those listed on this screen, that determine public health programs and health care funding allocations. Aside from the public health significance, it is part of a permanent legal record. Physicians must use their best medical judgment to determine the cause-of-death.